What type of vacuum should I buy -Types of vacuum cleaners

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Let us have a look at the basic types of vacuum cleaners available in the market and then we will find What type of vacuum cleaner should you buy.

Canister Vacuum cleaners

Canister Vacumm cleaner what kind of vacuum cleaner should i buy 1Canister vacuums as the name suggest that they contain a storage canister. When you start vacuuming the floor or carpet, it starts storing in a canister that is attached to the sucking section.

Canister vacuum cleaners have various attachments that can be separated as per requirement. These attachments help to reach in tough and narrow areas of the floor easily.


Stick vacuum cleaners

stick vacuum cleanerStick cleaners are designed to slim and upright structures makes it feasible to clean the required area immediately. Stick vacuums are useful on carpets, bare floors, and rugs. Lightweight stick cleaners are easy to use as they suck all garbage and dust in the bag attached to it. It can easily move under and around the furniture and other home accessories.

Although the stick vacuum is slim and due to its low weight easy to handle, yet there are some drawbacks to it. These cannot handle a large amount of garbage, especially when you want to work on a dirty and larger area, its performance will frustrate you.

The performance of the stick vacuums is not satisfactory on the carpets. Stick vacuums are unable to clean deeply the carpets and rugs leaving dust and other particles in them.

Robot Vacuums

Robot Vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuums are based on the latest form of vacuum technology. Robots map out the whole house or area you require to clean and start working. Robotic vacuums are excellent to use. You can program the robot for this purpose while you are out of the house or even at night time also. Robotic vacuums can be operated from the remote as well as some robot vacuums need charging to work.

A drawback of robotic vacuums is that they have a low capacity as compared to large-sized vacuum cleaners. So they cannot perform well with the messy larger chunks of garbage on your floor.

Upright vacuum cleaners

upright vacUpright vacuum cleaners are the most used and famous vacuums. These vacuums are among the best cleansing option.

They rigorously clean your house by draining all dust and garbage outside the house. Some other models of vacuum include:

Corded Vs. Cordless Vacuum
Corded vacuums are usually plugged in the socket to stat vacuuming while cordless vacuums work with the help of rechargeable batteries. As discussed earlier, corded vacuums are suitable for larger spaces when you have to clean a great messy area. On the contrary it, batteries of the cordless vacuums need charging after at least half an hour, thus they are suitable only for little cleaning spaces.

Bagged Vs. bagless vacuum
Vacuums with Bags are the best choice if any family member suffers from asthma or allergen issues. Bags avoid dust to come again into the room. Exposure to the dust is minimal in the case of a bagged vacuum. Bagged vacuums sometimes become costly, as you have to dispose of bags when it gets filled with the dirt.

Bagless vacuum cleaners have canisters attached to them. Canisters are transparent so that all dirt and garbage remain visible. A drawback of the canisters is to clean with water and dry in the sunlight to avoid smell and maintenance issues. Thus, a person using the canister vacuum has to face dirt exposure more while cleaning the canister daily.

Type of vacuum cleaner should you buy among the large range of vacuum cleaners?

Are you confused now with so much information? Let us relieve your confusion. When you move into the market to shop a vacuum cleaner, there is such a great range of brands with awesome features that you are unable to decide what to purchase and what to reject? Here are some specific factors that you need to keep in mind while deciding on the vacuum:

Corded stick vacuums are available at reasonable prices. Hence, you might know well that a vacuum with a high price has extra performing features, durable hardware, and reasonable capacity.

If you go to an electronic mall, choose a well-known company of vacuum cleaners. A quality brand of vacuum cleaner consists of many appealing features. You will find a vacuum from many unknown companies that will offer you vacuums at a cheap price. Choose a quality brand for satisfactory services.

Location of usage
On what type of floor you want to use a vacuum. What will be your choice in each case when your house has bare floors, wall to wall carpets, or a few rugs only? Location consideration is of great importance when talking about vacuums.

If you have bare floors of wood or marble, you should choose a vacuum carefully. As if your vacuum is not compatible with the floor or cleaning place, it may leave scratches and marks on the floor.

Vacuum designed for hard floors contain brushes that sweep the garbage and dirt efficiently. Another important feature for the vacuums sweeping the hard or wood floors is that they have many attachments along with. You can separate the different attachments according to the requirement; these attachments help to clean under the furniture, accessories, and, other tough areas to reach.

Contrary to it, vacuum cleaners used for wall to wall carpets are designed with such technology that drains all lingering and embedded particles from the carpet. There is no fear of scratches while working on the carpets or rugs.

Hopefully, these guides help you in finding what type of vacuum cleaner should you buy. So, go and grab the Best vacuum by keeping these guides in your mind.