What is the best shark vacuum cleaner?

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What are shark vacuums? What is the best shark vacuum cleaner? Why shark vacuums are preferable? What distinctive technology is used in Shark vacuums as compared to other similar ones? How many kinds of vacuum cleaners are available by the Shark brand? Let us search for answers to these queries scrolling down:

Here is the list describing top-selling models of Shark Vacuums:

Top 06 Best shark vacuum cleaners

Shark APEX AZ1002 DuoClean

30 ft cord length

16.00 lbs

Shark NV752 Rotator Lift Away

25 ft cord length

15.40 lbs

Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away

25 ft cord length

12.50 lbs

SHARK ION Robot Vacuum R85
up to 100 min run time

5.51 lbs

Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away
30 ft cord length

13.70 lbs

Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean

30 ft cord length

9.90 lbs


1.Shark AZ1002- APEX Upright Vacuum (Best for Hardwood floors)

Shark APEX AZ1002 best shark vacuum cleaner Upright vacuum cleaners are larger ones among the most popular type of vacuum cleaners ever sold in the United States. Being greater in size, developers continue experimenting by adding motors, brushes and may other hardware, to improve the technology.

The most effective characteristic is its powerful and heavy machinery that leads to the deep cleansing of your home.

Upright vacuums carry all its essential equipment along with that. You need not carry its attachments separately.

Duo Clean technology: Its dual clean technology does not leave any dirt or debris. Dual brushes drain the tiny hairs and all debris from the carpet efficiently. Zero-M features keep the cleaning operation smooth.

Anti-allergen Seal and filtration system: It has anti-allergen seal technology and HEPA filters inside for the filtration of the debris.

Attachments: Its multiple attachments enable to reach in the difficult areas to clean.

Canister transformation: You can easily transform the upright vacuum into a canister vacuum by attaching a long wand.

Its various attachments, motorized tool, and pet tools improve work efficiency. Its Swivel base, self-cleaning brush, and LED lights increase the multi-flex functioning.

  •  30-foot long cord helps to cover a large area.
  • Three cleaning modes.
  • It has an amazing filtration process that keeps the dust particles in the canister.
  • The hose of the vacuum is short
  • Bit heavy as compared to other similar vacuums.



2.Shark Ninja NV752 lift away (Best for Pet hair)
Shark NV752 Rotator vacuum best shark vacuum cleaner to buy

Lift away: it is a pet-friendly machine that extracts the fur and pet hairs from the carpets instantly. Its lift-away design enables you to carry it anywhere for cleaning purposes.

Handle control: It is an upright vacuum that can easily handle by its upright structure.

A lengthy cord: It consists of 30 feet cord that makes the cleaning operations easy.

Attachment Wand: Its wand can get detach.

Canister transformation: This upright vacuum can be transformed into a canister vacuum.

  •  Durable design
  • Quality suction
  • LED light
  • Heavy in weight
  • Its dirt container can easily be open due to one button control


3.Shark NV352 Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

It can sweep the carpets and hardwood floors efficiently. Rollers can be turned off as per requirement. It is a light weighted vacuum with a swivel steering base.

Anti-allergen seal: Anti-allergen seal technology avoids the debris to come again outside the vacuum.

Hi-fi Filtration system: HEPA filtration enables the filtration more quick and efficient.

Suction technology: Shark navigator features with suction technology.

Lift-away design: Its lift-away design makes the cleaning job easy and quick. You can carry it upstairs, down the home accessories, and many other difficult places.

Detachable features: Detachable wand and hose can easily transform this Shark navigator into the canister vacuum cleaner.

Long cord: It consists of a lengthy cord of 25 feet.

  • It has a decent-sized dust cup
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Pretty quiet for an upright vacuum cleaner
  • Utilizes HEPA filtration
  • No LED headlight
  • No controls on the handle
  • The swivel steering is not very smooth


4.Shark ION RV850- A Robotic vacuum

Shark has designed this robotic vacuum to perform incredible cleaning operations. This shark robot vacuum has provided a tough competition to the competitors in the market.


Wireless connectivity: This robotic vacuum can be connected to the wireless connection and you can operate it from any wireless operating tech gadget. When you are not at home, you can program the robot vacuum to work in your absence.

Smart sensor technology: Its smart sensors detect the dust and debris from the corners of the house leaving no spot or particles behind.

Dual brush operations: Its dual brushes enable the cleaning process instant and time-efficient.

Schedule clean up: the users can schedule the sweeping of the house for seven days. You can not only program your robot vacuum for everyday operations rather you can operate it to clean a specific place frequently.

Multiple power-up modes: Shark vacuum has an outstanding feature of more than one mode of powering up. Thus it leaves no worries about the batteries to charge.

  • Works well on hard floors and thin carpets
  • Variable airflow & suction
  • Makes a low noise
  • struggles with thicker carpeting and finer debris types


5.Shark NV356E S2 (Best shark vacuum cleaner)
Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away the best shark vacuum cleaner

Dust cup capacity: This vacuum has 2.2 quarts of dust capacity.

Lift away: It has a lift-away technology that helps to reach hard to reach areas likes stairs, under furniture etc

Anti-allergen: This vacuum has Anti-allergen complete seal technology plus a HEPA filter that helps to captures 99.9 percent of the dust particles in the dust cup.

Brush roll shutoff: This feature helps to Deep clean the carpets and gentle bare floor cleaning.

  • Powerful and lightweight
  • Lift Away
  • Great suction
  • Large power cord
  • Have no indicating lights
  • No headlight
  • The hose is somewhat stiff


6.Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean (Best 2-in-1 with Handheld)

Featured controlling operations: The user will find the power button on the top of the handle. Its control is very simple.

2-in-1 functions: this stick vacuum can easily be transformed into a handheld vacuum also. A handheld vacuum allows you to reach under the sofas, bed, and seats of your car or any vehicle.

Dual brushes: Its dual brushes ensure the deep clean up function on the carpets and the bare floors.

Corded design: Corded design favors vacuum cleaning. As batteries have a great disadvantage that they often run short of charging while working. With the corded design, you remain worried free, just plug in the vacuum and complete the clean-up job without any hurdle.

Light-weighted vacuum: This light-weighted Shark corded stick vacuum is easy to carry in the upper floors of the house.

  • Comes with a wide range of tools
  • lightweight for an upright
  • TruePet mini-motorized brush to capture long hair
  • Slightly bulky in terms of size for a handheld vacuum
  • On the noisy side



Why only buy shark vacuums?

There is a wide range of vacuum cleaners available in the market. When you wander in any mall for the purchase of electronic brooms or vacuum cleaners, you get surprised by observing such a great variety of vacuums by several brands.

Every brand claims the best services and the best product.

But the Shark vacuum cleaners are the best ones due to various remarkable features and technology used in these vacuums. Here are some characteristics of the Shark vacuums that will help you to choose the best shark vacuum cleaner to buy.

Reasonable price:

Shark vacuums are available at reasonable prices. The technology and hardware used in Shark vacuums are awesome and reliable. Competitor brands offer the same technology at expensive rates.


Most of the shark vacuum cleaners are light weighted comparatively. Light-weighted vacuums allow you to clean the whole house or a certain area without getting tired.

You can lift and carry the cleaner anywhere. Cleaning the stairs becomes tough when you are to work with heavy vacuums. Shark vacuum cleaners have resolved this issue by its exclusively featured cleaners.

Cordless & Corded vacuums:

Shark vacuums are available in both models corded stick vacuums and cordless vacuums. You can choose among the different models as per your requirements and choice.

Bagged & Bagless vacuums:

Some shark vacuums carry dust tanks along with them and are bagless. While others are bagged vacuums. Vacuum cleaners that use the bag, cost a bit expensive. The reason for being expensive is that you have to throw the bag when it will get filled with dust.

Quality hardware:

The hardware used in shark vacuums is of high quality and wear-resistant. It is the reason the lifetime of Shark vacuums is more than other similar technology.

Filtration process:

Shark vacuums have washable filters and HEPA filters. Both types of filters make the filtration process transparent and hygienic. These filters are wear-free and offer great service of cleaning in the vacuums.

Anti-allergen seal technology:

Anti-allergen seal technology, furthermore, protects the user by dust allergy and keeps the surrounding dust-free with it.


Shark vacuums have the latest and compact technology that enables the user with multiple cleaning tasks at a time.

Flexible cleaning process:

Multi-flex technology in vacuum cleaners allows the cleaning in the tough and uneven places as well as under the furniture and home accessories also.

Variety of  shark Vacuum Cleaners available to buy

Every home has its own lifestyle and requirement of cleaning. Some houses usually remain too messy and others may be clean and tidy all the time. A messy house may require a vacuum cleaner with more capacity.

Some home owners like corded vacuums and others like cordless ones. According to the regular demand for Shark vacuums, some types of vacuum cleaners available in the market are  as under:

1 Upright Vacuum cleaners:

Upright vacuum cleaners are larger ones among the most popular type of vacuum cleaners ever sold in the United States. Being greater in size, developers continue experimenting by adding motors, brushes, and may other hardware, to improve the technology.

The most effective characteristic is its powerful and heavy machinery that leads to the deep cleansing of your home. Upright vacuums carry all its essential equipment along with that. You need not carry its attachments separately.


Upright vacuums are heavier in lifting as compared to other various types of shark vacuums. Thus, it makes the cleaning system difficult for users.

2 Canister vacuum cleaners

Canister vacuum cleaners are a bit different in look. Their motor and other hardware parts are attached separately with a corded stick. You can move longer while using canister vacuum cleaners. Shark canister vacuums have revived the market of cleaning tools by offering compact and smart technology.


The only downside of the canister styled vacuums might be that the users have to carry separate attachments along with it. But this downside can become the merit also when luxury attachments comfort the cleaning process.

3 Stick vacuum cleaners:

Most of the Shark Stick vacuums are battery-powered. So you need not worry about the long cords to carry with you while sweeping the house. The structure of stick vacuums is so smart and compact that the dust canister and the motor is adjusted inside the long stick.

Stick vacuums are budget-friendly. You might receive wide floor attachments with stick vacuums.

The stick vacuums are flexible in use and versatile as well. According to an estimate, 9 % of the total vacuum revenues come from the selling of the stick vacuums.

These cordless stick vacuums have been growing in demand day by day. It seems that soon, the customers will shift completely to the cordless stick vacuums.


Shark stick vacuums have the downside that batteries get out of order soon after continuous use as well as battery life is very short and you have to charge your vacuum time and again during one cleaning procedure. It not only consumes extra time rather makes you frustrated by waiting to recharge.

Another demerit may be the short capacity of the canister due to the compact styling of the stick vacuum. With small dust capacity, the user has to empty the dust tank frequently while cleaning.

4 Handheld vacuum cleaners:

A handheld vacuum is the smart version of the stick vacuums. Its nearly all functions are similar to the stick vacuums. The one most appealing use is its approach to the tough areas. You can use these handheld vacuums in vacuuming cars or your vehicles, under the furniture or in cornered areas of the house.

5 Robot vacuum cleaners:

Robotic vacuum cleaners have prevailed in the cleaning tool market rapidly. This innovative technology has revolutionized the cleaning of homes. It became so popular in this decade that experts suggest that by 2020, robotic vacuum cleaners will generate revenue of nearly 7 billion dollars.

Shark has equipped its robot vacuums with innovative technology; the user can program the vacuums by connecting to the wireless connection as well as these are also operated by smartphones.

Another appealing feature of robotic vacuums is that these cleaners can map out the whole house or area of cleaning easily before starting the operation. When programmed for the cleaning job, they perform surprisingly leaving the floors spotless.


The only demerit is that shark robotic vacuums have lower dust capacity as compared to the other types of cleaners.

Hopefully, these guides help you in finding the best shark vacuum cleaner to buy. So, go and grab the Best vacuum by keeping these guides in your mind.