How to prevent Roomba from getting stuck

This guide will help you How to prevent Roomba from getting stuck The Roomba vacuum cleaner is one of the most popular and powerful robotic home appliances Roomba vacuum cleaners need to be kept away from obstacles in your home to avoid getting stuck. Even though it is a rare occurrence, it can also happen … Read more

How to repair vacuum hose

how to repair vacuum hose

A vacuum hose is an essential part of the vacuum cleaner system. It collects dirt particles from your floor and then transfers them to the canister filter, where they are collected. The life of a vacuum hose is dependent on how often you use it, but also what type of surface you’re cleaning with it … Read more

How to clean a Miele vacuum

how to clean a Miele Vacuum

We all know that a dirty vacuum is not going to do your home any good. How often have you looked at the dirt and dust that has collected in the bagless or bagged Miele vacuum? It’s time to clean it! In this blog post, we will share with you How to Clean a Miele … Read more

How to clean carpet on stairs

how to clean carpet on stairs

If you have carpet on your stairs then you are probably aware that the carpet sees a lot of action! Maintaining wood floors properly can help ensure that it lasts longer and increases their beauty. The best way to clean carpet on stairs is with a vacuum cleaner. The following tips will help you to … Read more

How to use a vacuum cleaner for carpet?


What do you have to do when you are frustrated looking at your dull carpet? Do you need to replace it or buy the new one? That’s the wrong option because all you need to do is just cleaning it using a Vacuum Cleaner. Ok, let’s just start to make a decision whether you should … Read more