How to use a vacuum cleaner for carpet?

What do you have to do when you are frustrated looking at your dull carpet? Do you need to replace it or buy the new one? That’s the wrong option because all you need to do is just cleaning it using a Vacuum Cleaner. Ok, let’s just start to make a decision whether you should go for cleaning or just replacing with the new one. First of all, you need to look at your carpet carefully and think about the quality. If the dull-looking is less than 60%, you can go cleaning but when it is more than 60% never go cleaning and pick the new carpet. What most people do when they have been so sad and disappointed with their carpet is soon buying the new one. That is why you need to make a regular schedule for cleaning to keep your carpet durable.

Durability is not only of the material and the quality from the manufacturers, but the most important thing is the cleaning or maintenance because it makes your carpet durable. After making a schedule of cleaning, you have to find the best vacuum cleaner that works best on carpet or rug. Some people may not care about the type of vacuum cleaner, but actually, you can pick the best that is suitable for carpet maintenance. After picking the best hardware for your cleaning schedule and maintenance, you need to learn how to vacuum carpets to keep it durable and good looking. Wrong cleaning can do simple damage that leads to bigger damage. So here is our tip for carpet vacuum.

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The first step before doing cleaning your rug or carpet is to ensure that you have prepared the vacuum cleaner. Plug the machine into the cord that is near your cleaning area. The most important thing to see measures the distance of your plugged cord with the cleaning area. Ensure that the cable is long enough to reach every corner of your rug. The second step to do is to check the debris. Debris is things that you actually can pick up using your hand. It can be papers, tissues, balls, or others. Discard all of them. After it, you need to sweep around the carpet area before doing cleaning using a vacuum cleaner.


The most important thing in vacuum cleaning for a rug is the movement. That’s important in a vacuum cleaner for carpets. The first move is back and forth. The best move for the nozzle is back and forth. It makes cleaning faster than you usually do. After moving it back and forth, you need to move the vacuum cleaner straight forward like 1-2 meters. After it, you can move it back slowly. When you are going to start the second stroke, make a simple area for a path for cleaning on your rug like a parallel to the first path. Ensure that all areas of your rug are cleaned well. To get the maximum results, you can repeat the movement until you think that your rug is already clean and comfortable to sit or just sleep.