How to prevent Roomba from getting stuck

This guide will help you How to prevent Roomba from getting stuck

The Roomba vacuum cleaner is one of the most popular and powerful robotic home appliances

Roomba vacuum cleaners need to be kept away from obstacles in your home to avoid getting stuck. Even though it is a rare occurrence, it can also happen if there are obstacles on the ground or if the floor is uneven.

This guide will provide all the information that you need to prevent this from happening.

Why Do Roomba vacuum Get Stuck? 

Roomba vacuums are designed with safety in mind. They don’t move forward if there is a wall or obstacle directly ahead and they automatically reverse when the device senses that it has been pushed against something, like a chair leg for instance.

If you’re running Roomba on hardwood floors without any obstructions then this shouldn’t be an issue but how do we prevent Roomba from getting stuck?

How to prevent Roomba from getting stuck

– Make sure your Roomba is fully charged before starting to vacuum as less power means more risk of getting stumped. If you notice that it’s not cleaning well try swapping out the battery pack (this should last about 20 minutes)

Check how high your Roomba is when it’s on flat ground – if there isn’t a clear “gap” between the floor and Roomba then you may want to lower your unit so that it can sense how high or low the terrain is.

– If Roomba doesn’t have enough space to turn, this could cause it to get stuck

– Watch how close furniture pieces are together as well – these can push against each other which causes them to tilt over in unpredictable ways and risk getting bumped into by Roomba. (This happens more often with thicker rugs.)

– You also need to be aware of how much debris has built up underneath heavy furniture like couches since this prevents your vacuum from being able to clean beneath those items

How to Keep Roomba Robot Vacuum from Getting Stuck Under furniture

To prevent Roomba from getting stuck under furniture, keep the area between heavy pieces of furniture clear and free from debris to give Roomba enough space.

You can use a vacuum cleaner on these areas periodically or simply remove any visible obstructions as needed. It’s also important that you don’t place items like shoes or socks too close together since this prevents your robot vacuums from being able to clean beneath those items.

Buy Fairly Elevated Furniture

To prevent Roomba from getting stuck under furniture, buy fairly elevated pieces of furniture so that there is enough clearance between the ground and your floor.

You can also place a rug or other obstacle in front of these items to further protect them by giving Roomba more opportunity to clean around it before coming into contact with the object.

Prepare Your House for the Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

how to prevent roomba from getting stuckThe best way to prevent Roomba from getting stuck is to prepare your home for it. You can make adjustments in one or more of the following ways:
Place furniture on elevated surfaces with a clearance between the ground and floor so that Roomba will have ample space beneath them when cleaning.


Elevated surfaces could include boxes, tables, benches and stools, chairs with straight legs without any scratching at their bases (for example, plastic), etc. Avoid objects like rugs that might entrap Roomba’s wheels by placing obstacles around these items before they are cleaned.

Turn on the Lights:

Roomba will have a hard time navigating around your home if it is too dark. Ensure that there are lights on in the hallway and other parts of your house, so as to give this vacuum cleaner enough light to clean well.

Place the Dock in the Right Position:

Roomba will clean in a square or circular pattern and it might get stuck if its dock is not stationed at the place where this vacuum cleaner started cleaning. Ensure that you place your docking station so as to avoid any of these issues occurring.

Maintain the Dock’s Orientation:

Roomba has three different types of docks, which can be used depending on how much space there is available for storing them. The one with six compartments should only be used when there are enough spaces for placing all six units around your house without too much trouble, while the ones with two and four slots respectively must always remain standing upright even during use because they cannot accommodate more than how many slots they have (unless otherwise specified)

After learning how to prevent Roomba from getting stuck, we hope you will spend the remainder of the day relaxing, as the robot spruces up your home.

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