How to clean carpet on stairs

If you have carpet on your stairs then you are probably aware that the carpet sees a lot of action! Maintaining wood floors properly can help ensure that it lasts longer and increases their beauty. The best way to clean carpet on stairs is with a vacuum cleaner.

The following tips will help you to how to clean carpet on stairs.

Best way to clean carpet on stairs

Unfortunately, in busy homes, carpets get a lot of abuse. Dirt and debris get tracked in on shoes and feet and can be ground into the carpet. If you have pets then you are aware of how quickly they can make your carpets look dingy. While most people excel at hoovering flat floors, stairs that are carpeted get overlooked often. They require a little special treatment, so let’s get started!

1. Pick Up Obvious Debris

Before you even plug in your vacuum, you need to remove any objects that may have gotten left on the stairs. While this usually includes shoes and toys, large pieces of paper can clog your cleaner, so it’s a good idea to grab them, too. Take the time to dust the handrail so that your stairs look amazing when you’re done.

2. Check the Corners

Stairs collect the most dirt and debris in the corners and along the edges. It’s easy for dust to get pushed here and slowly add up if you don’t take care of it on a regular basis. Making sure that you use the correct nozzle attachment that comes with your vacuum cleaner is the best way to clean these problem areas. You’ll want one with a smaller nozzle or that is pointed so that you can effectively clean the corners and edges. Slowly work your way up the stairs, running the nozzle along the edge of the carpet and making sure you thoroughly clean each corner. After you have gotten up the stairs, go over your work again on the way back down. This double-cleaning on the corners and edges of the carpet will really make a difference in how it looks at the end.

3. Work in Both Directions

You’ll need to replace the smaller attachment that you were using to clean the corners and edges with one that is wider or the included beater brush. Carefully and slowly run this nozzle over each step, ensuring that you go over the entire carpet. After you have vacuumed the flat part of the stairs where you step, turn the nozzle so that you can sweep the vertical part of the step. Do this in an up-and-down motion to make it easy on yourself. Clean both the horizontal and the vertical parts of each step before moving on to the next one.

If your carpet is looking a little dirty you may be tempted to replace it, but remember that regular cleaning can make a huge difference. Always buy a unit that has a number of different attachments so that it can be used in different applications. Empty the bag or container regularly and keep the filter clean to get your carpet as clean as possible

Vacuuming Guide for Cleaning carpet on stairs

If you have stairs in your home then you are aware of all the traffic that goes up and down them each day. This can really take a toll on the carpet as it will track dirt and debris onto the surface and even grind it deep into the carpet. As the best way to clean carpeted stairs is with a vacuum and If you don’t vacuum your carpeted stairs regularly, you will soon notice that there are stains on the carpet that may not come out. Although hoovering stairs isn’t a fun job for most people, taking care of your carpet is the best way to keep your stairs looking their best and the carpet lasting as long as possible before you have to replace it.

Using a Canister Vacuum for Cleaning carpet on stairs

Your first step in vacuuming with a canister unit is to find an outlet that is close to the stairs, and preferably at the top. You may have to use an extension cord if you are unable to reach the whole length of the stairs, but make sure that the extension cord is rated for this kind of work.

canister vacuum clean carpeted stairs

Find the smallest nozzle attachment that came with your product. You’ll want to use this to get started. With this small and angled tip, you will be able to easily clean the corners of the stairs. If your carpet sweeper has a special stairs attachment, you may want to use that.

Start at the top and clean the corners and edges of each stair. You’ll want to push the nozzle into the corners and slowly drag to the front.

Take your time to the bottom of the stairs, then attach the beater-brush attachment.

Vacuum your way back to the top of the stairs, first sweeping the width and length of the stair, then turning the attachment to clean the panel between stairs.

Using an Upright vacuum for Cleaning carpeted stairs

Take your Hoover to the top of the stairs, plug it in, and check the pile of your carpet. Select “rug” on the unit and adjust for the depth of the pile.

 upright vacuum Best way to clean carpeted stairs

If your Hoover comes with a hose attachment, use it now. Place the unit on the second stair from the top. You will continue to place the vacuum one stair below the stair you are cleaning, allowing yourself more balance and ease during this task.

Using the hose and a small nozzle, follow the same steps as above for using a canister version. If you don’t own a vacuum that comes with a hose, you will have to use the base of the head to clean the stairs. This is more difficult but can still be done.

For vacuums without a hose attachment, place the Hoover in the corner of the stair facing away from you. Slowly pull the carpet sweeper toward you. You’ll have to move the vacuum a number of times across each stair to clean the whole thing. Always stand one stair below the vacuum for safety. Work your way carefully down the stairs until you are finished.

Hope this guide will help you in how to clean carpet on stairs

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