Best vacuum for hair salon 2021

In this blog, we’ve listed the very best vacuums cleaners for hair salons- updated in 2021.

There will be plenty of leftover hair if you run a salon. Cleaning up these long hairs is too difficult without a powerful vacuum cleaner.

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Meanwhile, you can see our top picks best vacuums for cleaning long hair.

When it comes to cleaning the hair as a salon owner, it can be tricky since they can get tangled within the brush bar, which is why it is important to choose a vacuum that has a brush bar that can capture long hair.

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We picked the overall best performers, each has tons of positive reviews on Amazon that speak to their quality as well as build trust in new purchasers.

  1. Shark NV360 Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum
  2. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Lightweight Upright Vacuum (Over all best)
  3. Armor All, AA255 , 2.5 Gallon 2 Peak HP Wet/Dry
  4. Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister Vacuum
  5. Shark ION Robot Vacuum AV751
  6. BLACK+DECKER Cordless Stick Vacuum & Hand Vac

Our team took the liberty to shortlist the 10 best vacuums for hair salons because we know you require a special kind of vacuum designed to get rid of hair in your salon. Keep reading to learn more about these exciting new releases.

Best vacuum for cleaning hair salon

We picked the overall best performers, each has tons of positive reviews on Amazon that speak to their quality as well as build trust.

1. Shark NV360 Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe Upright Vacuum

portable, Corded, HEPA filtration, Bagless

Shark Navigator NV360 vacuum for hair salon


This bagless vacuum ensures portability and comes with Advanced Cyclonic technology, responsible to separate dust particles from the air that’s guzzled in. Shark Navigator is ideal even for bare floors and different carpets.

The vacuum itself comes with a detachable canister, Pet TurboBrush, long-reach hose, and other tidbits important to ensure optimal cleansing.

This is lightweight, one of the best vacuums for hair salons, which is fit for tight spaces, and above-floor cleaning which makes movement a lot easier.
As it is bagless, all residue is stored inside the canister therefore, you don’t have to compromise on energy or money.

We are mystified by its ergonomics. The usability became a focal point since Shark vacuum is fast and an effective vacuum for hair salons which makes cleaning and debris for us a lot easier. This means, your cleaning time lessens by a lot.
Gone are the days when procrastination regarding cleaning was imminent.

  • Easy grip and mobility
  • Fast and effective
  • Durable and avoids clogging
  • Low operational cost
  • Assembly is required
  • Cord length may not be long enough
  • Caution against exposure to water
Buy Shark NV360 Navigator from Amazon

2. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus Lightweight Upright Vacuum

Special Feature- Lightweight

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright Vacuum best vacuum for hair salonReview:

Bissell is one of your best vacuums for salons as its promising suction power will make sure to leave it spotless. Pet Hair Eraser is a 2 in 1 cleaner that gives you the best of both worlds of a canister or an upright vacuum. Its Febreze Filter ensures clean air too!

Bissell is also responsible for spotless cleaning with its lighted crevice tool. It is equipped to make sure the light stays visible as long as it is plugged in while you get complete flexibility in movement with a 30 feet cord.

We certainly love our salons, we just don’t want hair scattered around the floor. Pet Hair Eraser makes sure it’s fit for heavy-duty cleansing ranging from RV’s to your salons. This is an absolute all-rounder

  • Febreze Filter
  • Equipped with a 30 feet cord
  • Easy to clean the canister
  • Tangle-free brush roll
  • Comparatively Heavy
  • Tad bit expensive

Buy BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser from Amazon

Armor All 2.5 Gallon for hair salon3. Armor All, AA255 , 2.5 Gallon 2 Peak HP Wet/Dry

Special Feature- Auto shut-off


Although it may seem to have the image of a welder’s hat, Armor All has it all! It is accustomed to tending to persnickety debris components that are both solid and liquid.

Armor All with its polypropylene tank stores up to 2.5 gallons of residue. Moreover, 2 horsepower motor, along with auto shut off is simply irresistible as the best vacuum for long hair.

Armor All is equipped with a 6-foot hose and 10-foot-long cord that is best for narrow or unreachable areas. The hose is properly fitted inside the canister, therefore, it’s compact and doesn’t eat up much space.

Customers have marveled upon the features and quality of the product because of the service it is designed to perform. This is affordable and extremely helpful when dealing with confined places.

  • Powerful Motor
  • Wet/Dry Cleaning
  • Durable; long lasting
  • Compact and mobile
  • Leaks and Hose concerns
  • Users may deem pricey


Buy Armor All, AA255 from Amazon

4. Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister Vacuum

Special Feature- Lightweight, Compactdesign


Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G for hair in salo

The noteworthy of many corded, canister types on this list comes with a blower port to wipe away debris. It is also notable for its deluxe floor brush, auto shut-off system which makes the vacuum a lot easy.

When looking for a vacuum for cleaning long hair from salons, Eureka is constructed to become an ideal cleaner for you. Eureka’s auto shut-off option ensures overheating concerns are brought to an insubstantial degree.

Additionally, the power-touch handle with user-friendly fingertip controls makes operation easy. Extension wands for extended cleaning and a 10 amp canister accountable for cleaning your floor with a safety vacuum will have you on the lookout for it.

If you are an astrophysics fanatic, this is the closest you will get to a black hole. The vacuum suction power will make sure of that. Eureka will become your best friend when you need to clean vents, upholstery,  and other spots that are pretty hard to draw out dust from.

  • Lightweight, transportable and convenient
  • The long extension makes cleaning adjustment easier
  • Packed with dual features; suction and blow
  • Easy to use fingertip controls
  • Absence of cord rewind feature
  • Clogging issues may be prominent

Buy Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G from Amazon

5. Shark ION Robot Vacuum AV751

Special feature: Vera, Google_assistant, Amazon_alexa


Shark Ion is your contemporary product that has greater accessibility in areas such as large furniture. It has a 60-minute battery life which is very much compatible with vinyl and wooden floors.

Shark ION Robot Vacuum for hair salons

When concerned with finding the vacuum for a hair salon, Shark Ion is equipped with a self-cleaning brush roll that captivates long and short strands of hair, dust, allergens to safeguard from bundled-up dirt.
Shark Ion is robust in vacuum cleaning with its dual spinning system that hauls in debris from the corners and the edges.

It also includes 2 side brushes, 1 filter, a lithium-ion battery and charging dock, cleaning tools filters, and 2-bit boundary connectors.

Why we love it:

This is the kind of robot one should welcome in their salons. Shark Ion’s technological wonder lets it navigate smoothly and not bump into obstacles. Voice control lets you command this little bot cleaner while you relax and watch this beauty at work. This indeed is the future of your cleaning.

  • Voice Control
  • Quiet and noiseless
  • Effective dual side brushes
  • Wi-fi connectivity
  • Smaller size may be undesirable to some
  • Not suitable for deep cleaning
  • Works with Alexa; device to be bought separately

Buy Shark ION Robot Vacuum from Amazon

6. Eureka EasyClean Lightweight Handheld Vacuum

Special Feature: Onboard crevice tool


Eureka Easy Clean 71B for salons

It’s portable, light, and handheld to make sure the 20-foot long cord is a perfect facet of the product. This is one of the best vacuums for salons that features two motors, a dust cup, and bagless options which are not the highlight of it.

Its Riser Visor Nozzle cover is, which isn’t available in other vacuums. This is responsible to adjust according to horizontal and vertical surface orientation.

This is particularly great for human hair, other dirt particles, and long hair because once you use the product, the Riser Visor technology it can easily glide through either of the axes when used on stairs or floors.

Another Eureka to make the list. We are showing some real love because it’s a handheld vacuum. While the dual motors are installed for suction and revolving brush respectively, the Riser Visor Nozzle Cover works exclusively to work on surfaces that are horizontal and vertical using the revolving brush.

  • Washable Dust Cup
  • Long Cord
  • Bagless
  • Dual Motor
  • Heavy since handheld
  • Varying prices

Buy Eureka EasyClean Lightweight Handheld Vacuum

7. Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum

Special Feature- Cordless


This lightweight, lithium-ion battery inserted HEPA filtered vacuum is what all salons needs. It comes with 20% more suction capacity compared to the V6 highlighting as one of the best vacuums for hair salons.

The cleaner is enhanced with 15 radical cyclones that are responsible to clear dust and dirt out of the air and into the bin. Furnished with the HEPA filtration system, allergens and dust are eliminated resulting in cleaner air.

Also, its battery has a run time of 40 minutes on a regular setting but does drain out power only after 10 minutes when set to maximum. When in max mode, it has a standard 8 minutes fade-free power too.

One word; convenience! Probably sums up why this made the list of best vacuum for long hair but this is handy for those salons that don’t require a longer length of cleaning. It’s lightweight and cheap which is a very good reason to go and get it now.

  • Cord-Free
  • HEPA filtration
  • Cheaper and inexpensive
  • Great for long hair
  • 10 min run time on heavy duty
  • Components may seem frail and rickety

Buy Dyson V8 Animal Cordless vac from Amazon

8. Hoover UH70120 T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus Upright Vacuum

Special Feature- Corded, HEPA filtration, Bagless


Wind Tunnel has made sure to revolutionize cleaning with its optimum dirt containment and a 25-foot retractable power cord. They are paired with an extension cord, crevice tool, powered hand tool with washable filters, and permanent HEPA filters.

Along with HEPA filters, its remarkable suction capability will leave buyers befuddled. WindTunnel’s 5-position height adjustment should also be the talk of the town as you can accommodate in accordance with your requirements.

Furthermore, as a listed best vacuum for hair salon – should also be equipped with a No scuff bumper to further the end underneath your furniture to maximize cleaning for long hair or dust bunnies.

This is indeed an investment in your life as it is a safe bet on both money and cleaning. The uplifting colors and suave design are going to appeal more for the vacuum as you would be able to nap peacefully since it operates on minimum noise.

  • HEPA Filters
  • Dust Capacity
  • Wide Nozzle
  • Minimum Noise
  • Powerful Suction Power
  • A little Heavy

Buy Hoover UH70120 T-Series from Amazon

9. VacuMaid GV50PRO

Special Feature- Bag, HEPA


This is an interesting insert in the list for the vacuum for hair salons as the bulky candidate includes 50’hose, hanger, wands, dusting brush, caddy, inclusive of a 7-gallon dirt capacity compartment.

VacuMaid consists of a sealed HEPA-style bag that eliminates the need to empty cans or wash filters. This is a bit bulky on weight weighing about 30 pounds and will mount on your wall without tipping.

Furthermore, the use of the Ametek Lamb motor certifies for longer life in comparison while the sleek steel structure is good for a long-yard dash cleansing. This will be perfect when you need spotless and no long hair strands lying around.

For users who rather just move around with the hose than the whole body of the vac, this is your moment to shine. This is comparatively affordable if you are particularly looking for this requirement. Be as unique as your choice for vacuum and stun your customers.

  • Not all-purpose
  • Commendable suction
  • 50ft hose
  • Sealed HEPA style bag
  • Pricey
  • Not portable
  • Wall mounted

Buy VacuMaid GV50PRO from Amazon

10. BLACK+DECKER Cordless Stick Vacuum & Hand Vac


While looking for the vacuum for long hair in salons, it may seem Black + Decker doesn’t have much going on, but its 2 in 1 provides the advantage of having a stick vacuum and a hand-held vacuum.

The grip on the handle allows users to move it around smoothly to encourage ease and it will swoosh dust, dirt, and long hair strands right off the floor all at once!!

Moreover, you can vacuum your salons in one go. Black+Decker can run on a single charge before your next cleaning assignment so you are good to go.

This is fit for long hair and lazy people. For the not-so-tech-savvy lot out there, this is the perfect grab. This is durable and you can use it however you like, give yourself the chance to twist things around a bit.

  • Cordless
  • Good suction
  • Convenient steering
  • 2 years warranty
  • Not best for big houses
  • Not many features available

Buy BLACK+DECKER Cordless vac from Amazon

Best vacuum for cleaning hair salon- Buying Guide

We, the people who had similar concerns as you dear buyers, have narrowed down the hard part; options, and decisions, but there still lingers some requirements that we prefer mulling over before buying the best vacuum for a hair salon.

Rest assured, I can ease your worries with the following checklist to keep in mind

1. Quality

When you search for the best vacuum for a hair salon, this is a must and a number one priority. As technology has advanced, so has their functionality, and needless to say, prices will skyrocket too.

For most household items, we prefer them to last despite over-consumption and for it to not crumble to pieces after a week of purchase.

The idea is not to buy platinum and gold-coated expensive vacuums but to purchase something that is durable, sucks off dirt and hair, and gets the work done; classy can be an add-on.

As much as I prefer flawless at a budget, I am still always willing to shed off some extra greens for quality. Forgive me payroll.

2. Performance

Although a spin-off of quality, this matters because we all want the best. Have you seen those commercials that always emphasize performance in bold flashy letters?

Chances are you always have whether it’s a battery or one of the best vacuums for salons. This is because the level of sanity we all have while dealing with technological elements is next to zero.

Vacuum cleaners are equipped with varying facets and performance consideration checkpoints include their suction power, brush roll accessibility and effectiveness.

It would be an absolute nightmare if the cleaner can’t easily pick up agents like long strands of hair, stubborn food particles on your fluffy carpet, or small dust bunnies lurking about.

3. Battery or Corded

Even though both are useful, let me paint a personal opinion here. I adore battery-powered, stick vacuums because of their maneuverability.

It is always hard working with cords because tripping and getting tangled is inevitable.

While stick vacuums are easy to handle, chances are you need a change of battery every now and then.

Even though changing and charging isn’t time-consuming, it can be bothersome if you cleaned the whole house but the battery power runs out moments before picking up that hair strand. Nonetheless, I am a team battery, which one are you?

4. Ergonomics

Freeze! (Please!), even if this seems hard to comprehend, I assure you this is as easy as making ice cubes.

To simplify, ergonomics concerns the design, usability, and accessibility in terms of convenience, weight, understandability of the product, and how smoothly one can use them on a daily basis.

A prime example of bad ergonomics would be buying Burj Khalifa of all vacuums and having a hard time moving it around, realizing its suction power is insignificant, you run over but dirt and hair strand doesn’t get picked up and is no way energy saving. Definitely NOT the dream product on either of our lists, so do choose wisely.

I would also suggest trying them out while in the store to see if that vacuum gives you the “this is it!” kind of feeling.

5. Hand-held, Canister or Upright

Hand-held may tire you out but it’s good for small radii such as carpets or sofa. Canisters are a compliment but the weight can become your pet peeve if you have a big salon and need to locate from sockets to sockets to clean all nook and crannies.

Stick vacuums are flexible but capacity is a factor too. In other words, depending on your frequency, and requirement for your vacuum for hair salon, settle for the one that works for you.

6. Generic Concerns

While there are other concerns to incorporate, these are basics to ponder before you hunt vacuum.

Other factors such as HEPA filters, aka High-Efficiency Particulate Air that is designed to wither allergens like mold, smoke, long hair strands, or dust, are an individual preference.

However, be advised that whatever you decide on to read reviews.  Also, compare and contemplate because this, as your degree, is an investment. Although, bad use of the example from one buyer to another, before you make your final purchase, be sure to dedicatedly research on them and be updated on price changes, as outlets do have marginal price highs and lows.


Although cleaning long hair can be daunting, almost any item from the list gets a big thumbs up for our list of best vacuums for a hair salon. On the other hand, Shark nv360 beats the odds.

Now with all things said and done, it’s safe to go ahead and say you must have made your choice so go right ahead and cash your vacuum. If you are still tied between your best two by now, then dear buyers research, recheck and revitalize your thoughts. May the force be with you.

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