Best vacuum for cat litter 2021

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In this article, we are going to help you choose  Best vacuum for cat litter

When you have cats around then it is necessary to make all the arrangements to maintain a good environment.

Cats are cute and a living animal with all normal needs, your cat will eat, sleep, run, and litter as well.

Although with proper training, you can specify the littering space still you need to keep a check on numerous things.

Cat litter is not just specific to one place but it can spread to other places due to certain sources. To clean up the hair and litter you need to have some smart tools that will help you in cleaning.

Vacuum cleaner is one of the best supports for house cleaning. There are vacuum cleaners available to help you with litter.

There is nothing best but a Best cat litter vacuum to get rid of the mess. It can help you to make your life easy with a cat in the house.

Just makes sure you are using the right vacuum with the right techniques.

Top 05 Best Vacuum for cat litter


Shark NV752 Rotator

25 ft cord length

15.4 lbs

Hoover T-series UH70210

25 ft cord length

18.7 lbs

Electrolux EL4335B Corded vacuum

21 ft cord length

11.60 lbs

ILIFE V3s Pro Robot vacuum
up to 100 min run time

5 lbs

Bissell Bolt Pet Lithium-Ion Cordless


5.80 lbs


People considered that the cat is a low maintenance pet, that does not require much care and attention.

All you need to prepare a box house for the cat and feed it well. In reality no doubt it is low maintenance pet, but having a cat inside the house makes things difficult when the spread of litter is impossible to manage.

If your cats are well trained and groomed even, then you need to adopt a proper way to deal with the litter and keep the house clean.

To avoid and keep the places clean from the litter you have to choose a vacuum.

A normal vacuum may not work or provide a solution to your problem. Random choice can easily be damaged after use for a certain time period.

So, to avoid the situation you have to choose wisely that can help to deal with the litter and maintain the overall house condition.

We are going to compare the best vacuum cleaner and guide you about which one is good, bad and what should you expect from each vacuum for picking up.

We will start with the number one pick, each vacuum here is incredible.

1. Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-Away


  • Easy to use push button
  • Large container with a strong motor
  • Powerful brush rolls

Shark router is one of the best vacuum manufacturers. Its design, power, and capability to clean space are remarkable.

This Trumpet upright NV752 is powerful and comes up with roller brushes to clean the house.

The machine offers single button control to the user that makes its usage quite convenient.

For the supervision, the vacuum is available with the swivel steering having the LED light that helps to track the dirty and dusty places and even kitty litter visible from the LED.

Shark NV752 Rotator vacuum for cat litter

You can drive the vacuum around the house with the help of swivel steering. The motor of vacuum is more powerful with the quality filters that can save the filter or motor damage due to clay particles, dust, and litter.

It considers best for those who have house pets like cats.


  • Durable design
  • Impressive machine power with quality suction
  • LED light
  • Offers different setting with one hand control
  • Heavy in weight
  • Its dirt container can easily be open due to one button control


2. Hoover T-series UH70210 Blue Upright Bagless vacuum


  • Offer the adjustable settings for floors
  • 25-ft power cord
  • With LED indicator

Hoover T-series UH70210 is a highly strong and durable vacuum cleaner. It has the bagless feature that usually not available in any other vacuum.

It is easy in operation with simple button operators and adjustable for every corner of the house. The vacuum comes in five different adjustable settings, so the user can adjust as per the floor that needed to be cleaned.

Hoover T-series UH70210 Blue Upright Bagless vacuum

It offers 25 feet long power cord that makes its usage more convenient. While using the vacuum a person needs to be careful because the filter is quite sensitive.

For the large spaces and houses, it is an appropriate option to have for the cleaning and litter removal.


  • Power cord and one button rewind feature
  • LED light to make cleaning easy
  • Offers the adjustable setting
  • Fit for the cleaning of almost every floor
  • Good for large house space
  • Heavy in weight
  • Filters are sensitive and need care in use
  • Rewind button is an good option but it took five minutes that may be more when you are tired


3.Electrolux EL4335B Corded Ultra Flex Canister Vacuum


  • 3 flexible and adjustable positions
  • Ultra suction power
  • HEPA filtration

Electrolux EL4335B is an ultra-suction power vacuum fit for the large house to clean or good for the litter.

If you have a pet like a cat in the house, then this can be the best choice to have for cleaning in the house.

It offers flexible setting with three adjustable positionings, this makes cleaning easy. one handle power button offers to convince in use and makes it easy to handle.

Electrolux EL4335BBest lightweight vacuum to clean up kitty litter

The filtration is HEPA proven can control molds and allergies or make the air clean and healthy for the residents. The power cord is around 21 feet long that comes up with an extension of 8 feet more.

You can cover the large area easily with the extensive power code. For the large houses, it is best to have for cleaning. This is Best lightweight vacuum to clean up kitty litter


  • Easy to fold and carry for cleaning
  • Power code extension
  • 3 adjustable positions
  • Light in weight
  • Suction hose is rigid and it is difficult to move bend
  • Nozzle is extensive make uncomfortable in cleaning


4. ILIFE V3s Pro Tangle-free Suction


  • Self-charging and easy to use
  • Highly adjustable
  • Best for the pet hairs

ILIFE V3s robotic vacuum is specially designed to clean up space from the pet hairs. It is the best robot vacuum for cat litter.

Those who have cats, dogs,s or other pets can have this option to clean the dust and hair from the house and control the hygiene conditions.

It is highly durable and adjustable in the programs. Due to the light in weight, it is easy to carry and use for different places to clean up easily.

ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic best Vacuum for Kitty liitter

You can program it automatically to attached it with the charging. It is highly comprehensive in maintenance as well.

Don’t need much space to hold and its filters are easy to wash and clean after use.



  • Powerful and adjustable
  • Easily to operate and control
  • Light in weight and easy to carry
  • Good for the pet cleaning or hair cleaning
  • Only can be used for the long hairs
  • Not suitable to use on rough and hard carpet
  • Cannot be use for dust removal


5. Bissell Bolt Pet Lithium-Ion Cordless Stick Vac


  • Simple to use and carry
  • Removable handle
  • 4V lithium-Ion attached to it

When it comes to choosing the one from the cordless vacuum options, Bissell Bolt cordless pet stick vacuum is an option.

It is available with the lithium Ion with a capacity of 14.4V. you can use it for 25 minutes when it is completely charged.

For portable household cleaning devices, it is an appropriate option. Its quality and power full suction can clean up dust and particles in no time.

Bissell Bolt Pet Lithium-Ion for cat hair and litter

Due to its cordless properties, you can carry it easily anywhere in the house to clean up the spaces.

For cat hair and litter, it is the best cleaning equipment.


  • Cordless pet stick vacuum with 14.4V battery
  • Light in weight and easy to carry
  • Battery can stand long for 25 minutes
  • Not appropriate for every floor cleaning



Best Type of Vacuums

These are the types you can get easily at the marketplace. All you need is to pick up the best option as per your own convenience.

It will help you to make litter cleaning easy and accessible.


One of the convenient pet litter vacuum that lets you have everything on two wheels and you do not have to drag any motor or container at the back.

You will have easy cleaning with the vacuum. The best thing about it is the motorized brushes that are efficient in collecting up the litter piles.


These are known as the conventional style vacuum cleaners for ages. The perfect motors with a heavy bin to gather up all the litter in the heavy-duty mode.

It is one of the powerful and durable options for you among the best vacuums for cat litter.


The device can be carried easily in one hand.

You can clean off the furniture and remove the small piles of kitty litter easily in the house with in few minutes.


These re more looks like the upright vacuums that are much lighter than these are and an excellent choice for the people who loves the lighter vacuums.

These are amazing for the pile carpets and rugs. You can have the leaning procedure while standing and get rid of all the litter from the house.


It is one of the amazing machines and the litter vacuum on the carpet and floor as well. It is ideal to pick up dry items such as hair and other strands.

Moreover, it can clean up wet things such as water, liquids, and more.

Therefore, you have all at once and can make use of this machine at times when you need it.


These smart cleaning devices clean up the mess by themselves.

The best thing about this vacuum cat litter is its smart technology and self-identification of litter.

It operates through a mobile app, all you need is to command the robot and it will clean up the mess around and you will have a clean floor.

Features of a Good Kitty Litter Vacuum

In every case, there are certain preferences that make a vacuum cat litter ideal.

The reasons for everyone loving the best hand vac for cat litter can be different. Some people shop vac for cat litter with cord and some cordless.

Same as on the other side some people prefer robot vacuum and some like to have a stick vacuum.

However, one question remains in common, what makes a vacuum cat litter good? The answer is different for every user but here we have a few important features that help.

Splitting Air and Dirt

The best handheld vacuum coming in the latest technology has the ability to split the air and dirt.

There are filters available in the vacuum that helps to separate the dirt and air and collect up only the dirt in the collection compartment. It seems so satisfactory that nothing will get away from the vacuum.

Floor Compatibility

Everyone has different flooring in the house, people have tiles wood, marble, carpet, and more.

A good vacuum is one that can go well with all kinds of floors.

The overall floor compatibility helps a lot as you do not have to search for the best vacuum for kitty litter on tile specifically.

There will be one vacuum and you can use it with any floor option.

Bag VS no Bag

It is a debate, whether a vacuum with a bag or without a bag is good. As an independent approach, both are best.

In the bag vacuum, you need to have the bag filters and keep changing them after a specific time. While on the other option, you have a compartment instead of a bag.

All you need is to empty the compartment and there is no need for any extra expense on the bag.

How Cat Litter Damage Average Vacuum?

Many people have reservations about cat litter damaging vacuums. The common perception about the vacuum is, it can clean up anything.

From anything people literally mean everything and at any space as well. Nobody bothers to even think once, that can you vacuum a cat litter with a regular vacuum or not.

The answer is as simple as no, it is not impossible to clean up the cat litter with an average vacuum but it is harmful.

The cat litter can damage the vacuum cleaner and cause it to non-functionality.

The regular vacuums are not specialized to handle the cat litter. The litter can stock up in the vacuum cleaner and eventually cause the overall machine of the vacuum to crash and non-function.

In the case of the vacuum for cats, things are quite different and advanced as well. You can experience things differently.

The cat litter machine has the ability to avoid any litter stock in the vacuum. Its machine is totally covered and designed in a way that is can be cleaned properly.

The regular cleaning helps the robot vacuum cat litter to work for long and efficiently.

In case of poor care, even the Roomba cat litter will get damage to its machine and internal structure as well.

It is necessary to take care of the cat and vacuum cleaner in a proper manner. Through proper care, you can make the vacuum cleaner to work efficiently for a long time.

Is the litter dangerous?

Sometimes people think that cat litter is dangerous and have some chemicals that cause any of the  vacuum to be dead soon.

In fact, it is not like that. The cat litter does not contain any of the critical or dangerous chemicals. It is simply a litter but the issue is in its composition and overall physical nature.

Although litter is a rock-like structure that is not soft but quite hard vacuum cat litter can remove it easily.

On the other hand, it has some of its small particles that can get stick to the inner side of the vacuum. The small particles eventually cause the machine to face some performance issues.

It reduces the machine efficiency, eventually jams the machine, and makes it dead.

What can save the vacuum?

It is not obvious that every time the vacuum will meet the same end. Things can be changed if you are a little concerned about its maintenance.

To save your best vacuum the only thing you can do is to clean it properly.

After every use, make sure that you are going to clean up the machine properly as per the instructions. Make sure to use the machine filter every time so you will have the motor of the vacuum protected.

It will increase the life of your machine and will you the best results as well.

Frequently Asked Questions – Regarding Vacuum Cleaner for Cat Litter

Q1. Is it fair to clean cat litter and hair using a vacuum?

Yes, there are litter messes that are not possible to clean using the other methods of cleaning.

Therefore, you can use the best vacuum for cat litter on the carpet and get rid of the mess.

Q2. Should I use the vacuum in common?

Do not use it in common too frequently.

Although vacuum cleans up the place properly but it will not be a good idea to make its frequent and common use.

In case of frequent use, the vacuum may have issues with its performance due to litter after effects.

Q3. Is it possible to use a sweeper instead of a cat litter vacuum?

You can use the sweeper instead of vacuum but it is good for large messes.

The vacuum is ideal for the smaller messes that a sweeper cannot handle. So, make sure to pick up the best choices as per the situation.

Q4. Can vacuum remove odor issues?

Yes, the vacuum has the quality to remove the bad odor of the litter from your place.

It will be a plus benefit for you to have a refreshing and clean place after using the vacuum.


It is essential to clean up the cat hair and litter from home. It is good for hygiene and to keep the environment clean.

To access the best cleanness you need to have the specialized and best hand vacuum for cat litter.

So, shop the best vacuum for cat litter and have the best liberty to enjoy with easy cat litter cleaning.