How To Get Free Uc In PUBG Mobile [2021] Trick

How To Get Uc In PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile – Learn How to Get Free UC 4 Different Ways UC is a kind of PUBG currency.
However, to have such coins you must make the actual purchase, in cash.
But the good news is that there are ways to get UCs for free.

And we’ll tell you what these 4 tricks are that currently exist and that are available in the mobile version
(for cell phones) of the game. First of all, you need to bring important information. Be aware that game developers don’t give virtual currency to anyone.

However, there are forms of credits that are later converted into UCs, which is PUBG Mobile money. Oh, even if you want to download PUBG Mobile on your PC – to avoid playing games on your smartphone,
know that there is also a way, which is using an Android emulator. In the last topic of the text.
we will talk more about this, so please read it in full.




How to get UC for free of charge on PUBG
Above we mentioned that there are 4 ways to get free UCs in the game.
So, from now on, let’s cite and explain how each of them works. Follow it carefully.



1 – Google Opinion Rewards.

This is the most known way of all and, for that very reason, we put it here at the top of the list.
In fact, this Android app turns out to be a real “amulet” for those who want credits to buy costumes, virtual coins and diamonds in various games.
And if you don’t know how it works, we’ll explain it in a very simple way. Google’s free app works through questions and answers.
Thus, the registered user must answer some questions about behavior, habits, places.
The idea is to carry out an opinion poll that will add value to the store and the brand, while the user earns credits,
which can later be used to buy the UCs on PUBG Mobile.
Each sort of questionnaire yields a worth in reais or cents and therefore the money goes to the Google digital wallet or to your Paypal account,
within the case of these who use iOS.

2 – Whaff
Whaff is also among the most popular apps for earning credits for purchasing in-game items. However, he is known to anyone who owns an iPhone or iPad,
which is Apple’s iOS operating system.
Simply put, it is very close to Google Opinion, which we mentioned above. However, it is a recommendation application for other programs.
The idea is also to give an opinion, but about other programs and apps and not about stores.
Therefore, the user earns credits when testing software. Soon, the credits go into the account and, as you know, can later turn into free virtual PUBG coins.

3 – Events
Tencent is responsible for organizing PUBG Mobile events. So, there are several of them that take place throughout the year.
They even take place in partnership with major brands such as the Google Play Store.
As such, it is not uncommon for an event to give free UCs to players who stand out in the events. So, in this case, the tip is to be aware of when a new event happens.
Since you’ll participate for free of charge and, counting on your performance, earn credits.
Recently, the Google Play Store gave R$ 8 that could be spent on PUBG or Garena Free Fire for many platform users.
4 – Royale Pass Elite
In fact, this text has a small flaw. That’s because this is one way to get UCs, but it’s not entirely free.
So what happens is that you buy the Royale Pass Elite, which is similar to the Fortnite Battle Pass.
And as it happens in the same way, it can be bought as the player goes through phases and earns gains. So, for each achievement he can have skins, weapons, emotes and coins.

When he reaches level 100, the player will have 600 UCs and then he can buy the Pass.


Bonus – how to play PUBG Mobile on PC
As promised at the beginning of the article, now it’s time to talk about how to play the Mobile version of PUBG on PC. This can bring advantages such as access to a larger screen and even the ease of using a keyboard and mouse or even a controller to play games.


The step by step is very simple. Here we go: let’s mention BlueStacks, which is an Android emulator, which will allow this adapted game. He was thinking precisely about making it possible to run cellphone applications or online games on a desktop, PC.

Following the order, you should go to the BlueStacks website and download its Windows version. Afterwards, run the installer and sign in with the Google account you have. Later, leave the program open and go to the Play Store. Search for PUBG Mobile and install.

BlueStacks then installs a package of files, called xPACK. It is important for running the game.

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Interestingly, your PC may not be as powerful as you would like. So, in that case, you can install the Lite version of the game. So this is a good idea for those with simpler desktop settings. The process is the same as above.


PUBG Mobile – How to Earn UC Totally for Free

Currently, one of the successful exponents of this segment is PUBG, one of the main battle royales in the games market. With a huge popularity around the world, the game accumulates fans and players of all types, ages and locations around the globe.

If you are a game player, you know that to be able to customize your character it is necessary to have the so-called UC, the game’s virtual currency.














In theory, in PUBG Mobile it is not possible to earn the game’s premium currency for free, however, there are some alternatives for those who want access to UCs without having to spend.

And if you spend a lot of time with your cell phone idle, this can be a great way to earn UCs.

All polls that are conducted in the app are based on your behavior on the network itself. That is, they are directly related to what you are already used to seeing.

Are considered your browsing history, places you usually go and among other factors that can help the company to improve the user experience with its services.

As a reward for answers and for granting access to data, credits are deposited into your Play Store account or into your Paypal, and that’s where you can buy UC.

Whaff is an app very similar to Google Opinion Rewards, making it even better for users who have iOS devices.

Through the platform, you can earn money by downloading apps that are recommended by it.

After using these apps for a while, you are rewarded with money in your PayPal or Google Play Store account.
Participate in the events

Events are quite common in online games. They encourage competition among players and engage the game’s name to attract new users.

And in the event of these events, you can win prizes offered by the developer that – usually – partners with some app stores.

Even though it’s not often, there have been rewards using UC, and that’s why you should always be aware of the events that take place, as there is the possibility that you will win one of them.
Buy Royale Pass Elite and grow in the ranking

There is only one way to secure UCs while playing PUBG Mobile: by purchasing the so-called Royale Pass Elite, which works the same way as the Battle Pass in Fortnite game.

In this case, as you level up, you will accumulate skins, dance emotes, weapons and also UCs. Upon reaching level 100, the player will have accumulated a total of 600 UCs.

But here, it is worth mentioning that it will be necessary to pay an amount when purchasing the Royale Pass Elite.

But, you may be using the above mentioned apps, to accumulate credits and buy the pass without spending your money.

It is never an exaggeration to say that you should be very cautious when looking for ways to acquire UCs for free on PUBG.

The tips mentioned in this text are legitimate and safe, and will not compromise your game account.

However, do not go out visiting any website and trying everything to acquire the virtual currency for free, as many of these promises that can be found on the net are scams aimed at stealing user data.

There are several apps that can hack your game and get your account banned. So be careful.

Follow our tips and always look for legitimate ways to get your virtual money. Be wary of very easy ways to earn UCs and keep your account protected.

About PUBG
PUBG is a Batlle Royale style game, designed and produced by the Korean company Bluehole and launched in 2017.

Currently, the game allows the simultaneous participation of up to 100 participants, where everyone goes by plane to a certain balance area, located on an uninhabited island.

From this premise, players parachute and begin to invade the buildings on the island in search of items and weapons, eliminating opponents in the process and trying to reach the final area, which is located at different points on the map during the matches.



Like many games, which have a back story to give more realism to the plot, PUBG is not much different. The game was inspired by a Japanese book that got a film adaptation in the 2000s.

In the story of the book/movie, called Battle Royale, high school students are forced to fight to the death on an abandoned island. There, there are several weapons spread throughout the region and the safe areas are gradually decreasing.

Just like in the game, isn’t it?
Armaments and customization

The game gained a lot of attention in the games market for being very accessible and offering a wide range of weapons spread across the map.

The player can have access to rifles, sniper rifles, submachine guns and pistols. Also, there are many items to add to weapons and customize them: holographic sights, sniper sights, extended ammo clips, etc.

During the execution of the game, the player can also find on the map, bulletproof vests, helmets, energy cans, medical kits and other items that help the user’s survival and help him reach his final objective.


How To Get Uc In PUBG Mobile

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