How To Get Free Material In Pubg Mobile

How To Get Free Material In Pubg Mobile



How To Get Free Material In Pubg Mobile.


How To Get Free Material In Pubg Mobile.


This is How to Get Permanent Gifts for Free on PUBG Mobile free uc and free materials in pubg
Loyal players of the PUBG Mobile game are again spoiled with a number of attractive prizes through other interesting events besides Summer Rich in August 2021.

Quoted from his official statement, Monday (9/8/2021), the three events at PUBG Mobile will be held simultaneously for the next 10 days or more precisely until August 19, 2021.
At this event, Tencent, as the developer of the PUBG Mobile game, is ready to provide various kinds of exclusive gift items for free and permanently. Anything?

For those of you who want to get an exclusive Swordsman Backpack worth 1080 UC for free and permanently, you can join the Share Summer Rewards event in the game.
The trick, players only need to log into the game then enter the Event menu and find the Themed tab “Share to get prizes”.

By sharing the event information on social media, players will immediately get an exclusive backpack at PUBG Mobile.

Furthermore, players can also log in to the game until September 19 to get free gift items for free, such as Midnight Rose Grenade, Parachute Trail, Toxic Gas Parachute, Rating Protection Time, and many more.
For players who like to play together (mabar), can join the Summer Rewards Fight Together event.

Together with three other colleagues, you have the opportunity to get various exclusive prizes, ranging from Yellow Stripes weapon skins, Frog Prince Set, Supply Crate Coupon and many other prizes for free.
To take part in this event, players can access it on the event page,



complete the mission and win the prize together. The missions given range from completing 3 matches to 12 matches with the group.

As a form of support for the Summer Rich event, Pevita Pearce the brand ambassador of PUBG Mobile Indonesia invites fans and the community of this battle royale genre game.
“I want to invite all of you to play PUBG MOBILE, because now there is a Summer Rich event and don’t miss it to win lots of prizes,” said Pevita.

The last event is “Cyber Discount” which will take place from August 3 to August 16, 2021. During this event, every purchase of any item in the game player has the opportunity to get limited items, namely the Dark Goth Set outfit, Neon Punk Hoodie Set outfit, and weapon skins. neon-AWM at a discount.

pubg mobile free materia\l

                                                Radeem Code

PUBG Mobile Redeem Code

TEGAL NEWS – The latest PUBG Mobile Redeem Code released on Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

You can exchange this PUBG Mobile Redeem Code to get free skins and other attractive prizes from Tencent Games.

The PUBG Mobile game offers the excitement of playing battle royale games where 100 players join in the battle area.

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Single player or squad survive until the end of the game, he is the winner.


PUBG Mobile is one of Tencent’s titles that generate the most revenue. The amount of dollars this game generates for Chinese developers every month is huge, which is why this game has constant support which is responsible for frequently adding new accessories, costumes (skins) and more, so that players need a lot of money with each new season released.

Other games like Fortnite and Call of Duty Mobile -which are also from Tencent- also use this method to make money, but it is possible to get skins and other objects for free, to save a few bucks and, in the case you prefer, never have to spend. a single euro for the game. So, In this new tutorial we explain how to get costumes and accessories for free on PUBG Mobile.


pubg mobile free materia\l

                                                   Radeem Code

When starting from scratch in PUBG Mobile, the character looks naked. This is because you have to progress in the game to equip them with outfits or, for those who have the possibility, buy UC (game currency) to earn battle tickets (Royale Pass -short for RP-) and thus get costumes of clothes, weapons and cars.


With UC it’s also possible to open boxes, which accompany interesting objects, and buy spinning wheels with exclusive promotional content and laboratory weapons.


Through discount coupons from classic, premium and provision boxes, you’ll get free skins and accessories within the game. Another way is through achievement. [We recommend you: 5 Tips to Become a Better PUBG Mobile Gamer]


There are three ways to get Classic Cash Coupons: through the in-game shop, clan shop, and achievements.


pubg mobile free materia\l

                                                  Radeem Code

To access the game store, simply click on the shopping cart logo located on the right side of the lobby (the game’s main interface), just above the RP logo.


You have to choose swap and, then, download and find the classic boxed coupon cut logo which we then marked in the red box in the screenshot we hung, which is next to the premium box coupon cut out logo, which we identify with the yellow box.


The value of the pieces, classic and premium, is 20 silver coins. Only a maximum of 5 classic boxes can be purchased per day, which also applies to premium box pieces. It is used to make classic and premium boxes, after combining 10 parts. [It may interest you:


What is Rotation and How to Use It to Improve Weapon Retreat Control in PUBG Mobile [Ultimate Guide]

Then, you have to click on the box logo located in the lower right corner; classic and premium box pieces are there, and if you have 10 or more of each, you’ll need to select Combine, to create a coupon and unlock it.

pubg mobile free materia\l

                                                  Radeem Code

To view objects that can be obtained through classic and premium boxes, you must enter the shop again and click on the Box entrance, which is located in the lower right corner. Then, in the column that we can see on the right side of the screen, there are entries Premium Box y Classic Box, among others; This is where we’ll give you a look at what we can get with the unlocking of each earned coupon.


Through the Guild Shop (available only if you are registered with one shop), you can only purchase a Classic Cash Coupon discount, worth 30 Guild Points, which is earned through completed Guild Missions. Supplies Box Parts are also available at the Guild Shop, costing 8 Guild Points.
Another method to get classic boxes is to upgrade battle tickets.


It is also possible to get seasonal skins, which are provided by rankings. To access it, you have to click on the Season logo which is positioned in the lower left corner of the main interface. They must be collected once five games of each rank played such as Gold (Suit), Platinum (Helmet), Diamond (Weapon Skin) and Ace (Parachute).


pubg mobile free materia\l

                                                  Radeem Code

In order to get supply boxes, you’ll need to complete achievements and progress in the Royale Pass,


in addition to playing multiple games and getting them through clans, as we’ve already mentioned
. These are awarded after you complete missions and other activities and, like classic and premium boxes,


you must have 10 pieces to craft and unlock. Of course, the objects obtained by this are temporary; few are permanent, and the chances of getting them are low.


In all three cases (classic, premium and provision box), only silver coins or other small objects can also come out, so you don’t always win.

You have to open a lot of boxes to get free skins over time. For this, it is also important to try to get silver coins to exchange for discount coupons. [Found: What are the best graphics settings for PUBG Mobile and other games?]


With silver coins earned through boxes and purchases via BP coins, earned through game completion and rewards, you can also buy skins in the shop.

Right where the classic and premium boxed coupon pieces are, that’s where there are gun suits and clothing, as well as helmets and accessories.

On the other hand, with regards to achievements, to see which ones are available for completion and what they offer as rewards, you will need to enter Missions, In the right frame,

in the last entry, we can see the Achievements section. There are dozens of achievements to be achieved. With this done.

pubg mobile free materia\l

                                                  Radeem Code


New VPN Tips 2021 Get Free Materials in PUBG Mobile, Rename Cards and Foreskins | PUBG Mobile Tips

Possibility of free PUBG game experience

How to get skins for free on PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the most lucrative Tencent titles. The amount of millions of dollars that this game makes to the Chinese manufacturer every month is huge, so this game has a constantly updated support that allows players to buy new accessories, suits (skins) and more. responsible for frequent additions.

Other games like Tencent’s Fortnite and Call of Duty Mobile also use these methods of making money, but you can get skins and other things for free from us to save some good money. You should never spend a single euro on a game if you want to. So, in this new guide we will explain how to get suits and accessories for free on PUBG Mobile.

Get free accessories and leathers from PUBG Mobile
Before we go into it, it should be noted that we are not trying to teach you how to get paid suits and items for free because it is wrong and on the other hand it cannot be done legally. To do this, we do not recommend going to unreliable services that are common on the Internet and often make false promises.

hen starting from scratch on PUBG Mobile, the icon appears bare. The reason for this is that you can go ahead in the game to equip him with clothes or buy UC (game currency) to buy battle passes (short as Royale Pass -RP) for those who have the opportunity and with that you need to get costume suits. , weapons and highways. With the help of UC, it is also possible to open boxes equipped with interesting things and make payments for wheels with exclusive promotional content and laboratory weapons.

In the interaction you can get coupon pieces from classic, premium and supply boxes, free skins and accessories during the game. The other method is by completing the achievements. [We recommend you: 5 good tips to become a good player of PUBG Mobile]

There are three ways to get classic cash coupons: it’s a game store, a clan shop, and winnings.

You need to select the exchange and then download and find the logo of the classic box coupon section that we identify inside the red box in the hanging screenshot, which is next to the logo of the premium box coupon section that we identify with the yellow box.


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